Gutter Guards

Gutter Guards

Gutter guards

Something that protects your home from the wear and tear of the natural elements. An important part in the prevention of water damage. It can be the difference between excellent home maintenance and sub-par home maintenance.

A gutter guard attaches to the gutter and prevents unwanted material from entering. Usually, things like leaves, branches, and other organic debris. By keeping those materials out, gutter guards go a long way in preventing clogs and cracks in your gutters.

Not all gutter guards are the same. There are different styles and materials, and the best choice is often based on the homeowner’s specific needs.

The goal of the gutter guard is simple: protect and fortify the home against nature’s assailants.

So what exactly are gutter guards?

A gutter guard protects the exposed top portion of a gutter by preventing anything other than water from entering.

There are three basic types of rain gutter guards:

  •       Leaf Filters
  •       Gutter Screens
  •       Gutter Covers

Most are add-on devices that fit over, or into, existing or new open gutters. Some will completely cover the gutter but contain holes for water to pass through, while others will leave a small opening between the gutter and gutter guard.

Benefits of gutter guards are:

  • Protection from the elements
  • No clogs
  • Free flow of water
  • Less wear and tear on gutters
  • Lower chance of cracks from pressure or ice
  • Matching design and color with a main gutter piece