Downspouts and Rain Chains

Downspouts and Rain Chains

Rain gutter systems take rainwater from your roof and transport it away from your foundation. Downspouts are the vertical components of rain gutter systems. They are roll-formed pipes (rectangular or round) that channel the rainwater runoff from the height of your roof down to the ground level, preventing backsplash or soil displacement.


Downspouts are a functional attachment to your home. They must be secured onto the wall. Elbows and offsets can be used to accommodate overhangs, ledges, or uneven walls. You can also use them to redirect downspout drains into a rain barrel or into a garden bed to avoid ponding around your home’s foundation.


Although rain chains do not need to be mounted onto a wall, they do need to be anchored at the lower end of the chain. Anchoring will prevent the chain from swinging wildly in strong winds and help direct water flow into a rain barrel, garden, or decorative planter.Rain chains are a decorative alternative to downspouts. Rainwater visibly runs down a series of chains or cups, transforming the everyday function into a pleasing water feature. Rain chains are available in a standard chain link design as well as a wide selection of cups and links.

Downspouts and rain chains can work with both half round and k-style gutters. It is important not to mix metals such as copper with aluminum as this will cause galvanic corrosion.